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  • Garden City Park Attractions

    Garden City Park, NY is a town located in Nassau County in Long Island, NY. With a population of approximately 7,000 and counting, some people consider the town a small area for the state of New York. However, one thing is for certain, you will never have a dull time while visiting Garden City. Take a look at some of the best attractions this town has to offer. Cradle of Aviation MuseumFrequently ... Read More

  • ​Chocolate Expo Brings Yearly Satisfaction To Thousands of Chocoholics

    As any true chocolate enthusiast will tell you, the only thing better than chocolate is a whole lot of it in one place, and that's exactly what you'll find at the Garden City Chocolate Expo. Every year in the first week of March the Cradle of Aviation Museum is swarmed by thousands of chocolate lovers intent on perusing sampling and purchasing the offerings of the various vendors that come out eve ... Read More

  • There's No Cooking Anywhere Quite Like Your Mother's House

    Garden City Park is full of charming culinary offerings, but when it comes to American eateries, there is little to compare to the comfort foods and ambiance of the old traditional American sports bar and kitchen. Your Mother's House (yes, you heard right) has one of the largest screens around, measuring in at a behemoth 20 feet. There are many other smaller TVs along the walls, each showing a dif ... Read More

  • Garden City Park Annual Events

    During your visit to Garden City Park, be sure to stay tuned for our fun and exciting annual events! Below are a few recommendations on what you mark on your calendar during your visit.First on our list is Chocolate Expo!This very popular Expo will be held on Sunday, March 6th, at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. They will be recruiting prospective contestants for Season #8 of the Gor ... Read More

  • Roosevelt Field: Awash with Architectural Wonders and Historical Relevance

    Garden City Park is the home of the ninth largest mall in the country: The Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall. And what an experience it is!The Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall was established in 1956. It continues to impress patrons with its stunning and elegant architecture, which was designed by I. M. Pei, one of the most respected architects of the time (he also designed the Morton H. Meyerson Symphon ... Read More

  • Things to Do in Garden City Park

    The world is your oyster when you allow yourself the opportunity to experience the incredible adventures available in Garden City Park, New York. From simple outings to grand escapades, Garden City Park has just the right opportunities to tickle your fancy. Take a moment to pursue a snapshot of this New York haven.Nightlife is always thriving in Garden City Park, New York. Consider visiting Cellar ... Read More

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